The Civic Knowledge Project on the History of Diversity at UChicago


For over a decade, the Civic Knowledge Project (CKP) has worked to enhance diversity at the University of Chicago. By building rich South Side community connections based on humanities programming, the CKP has introduced thousands of members of the University community to such leading South Side figures as Timuel D. Black, the legendary Bronzeville historian and civil rights activist. Recent projects have also included a documentary on the UChicago origins of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), and a tribute to the work of Dr. Julian Herman Lewis, the first African American to serve on the UChicago faculty (starting in 1917). Please join us—and some distinguished guest speakers—as we review the results of the CKP’s research on the historical meaning of diversity at UChicago and engage in a lively discussion of where we should go from here.